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To evolve a network of information, mythology and experience to awaken the divine within,
and to provide a context and stimulus for reawakening Gaia
and reuniting Her children through tribal community
dedicated to responsible stewardship and the evolution of consciousness.

What is Paganism and Neo-Paganism?
Paganism and Neo-Paganism are very general terms covering a wide range of Nature-based religious or spiritual practices and beliefs. These include those who identify themselves with Shamanism, Witchcraft, Wicca, Voudoun, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, Spiritualism, Asatru, and many other religions based on those of the ancients and of indigenous peoples all over the world.

The word “Pagan” comes from the Latin Paganus meaning peasant or country dweller (“Heathen” has a similar meaning and origin). As a religious term, it is correctly used by anthropologists to designate the indigenous folk religions of particular regions and peoples. Many (but not all) of those who have joined in the revival of the ancient practices think of themselves as NeoPagans, indicating their understanding that not only can we never truly know the ancient ways as so much knowledge was lost or deliberately destroyed, but as our lifestyles are very different to those of ancient times, we have adapted these practices for the modern world.

NeoPaganism is a natural religion—a religion of the living Earth. Viewing humanity as a functional organ within the greater organism of all Life, rather than as something special created separate and “above” the rest of the natural world, NeoPagans seek not to conquer Nature, but to harmonise and integrate with her.

What can CAW do for you?
We are a tribe. We support each other. We get together socially and spiritually on a regular basis.

We have an optional system of study to help guide you towards your spiritual goals. This system requires dedication and commitment over a number of years.

We have Clergy and are working towards a system of Ministry to provide spiritual and life guidance.

How often do CAW members get together?
CAW’s major annual event is the CAW PSG (Pagan Summer Gathering), where members and guests come together for workshops, ritual, fun and our Summer Rite.

Several times a year, CAW holds Sacred Connections, which are Members Only events, where members grow closer with one another through discussion, sharing and ritual.

More informally, our Members spend time with one another throughout the year to enjoy each others' company!

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